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Putih Crater

Located in Ciwidey Sub district or 44 km from Bandung to the South. The beautiful panorama you can see is the snow-like white crater. Around the crater, there are souvenir shops, food stalls and other supporting facilities, and 5 km from Kawah Putih located Punceling hot spring.


Rancabali Tea Plantation
Located among Ciwidey’s tea plantations. A Plantations area that meets the need for recreation. There are swimming lake, bungalows and other facilites.


Patenggang Lake
Located in Rancabali tea plantation, Ciwidey Sub district. Area around the lake is used for camping ground which mostly visited during school vacation. Not far the lake, there are Cimanggu hot spring and Cibuni Crater.


Deer Breeding In Rancaupas
Ranca Upas is an area for camping under forestry management. Besides for camping, Ranca upas has acreage that is used for deer breeding.


Ranca Walini Hot Spring

Located in Ciwidey Sub District, or 46 km from Bandung to the South. A nice place for family holiday, equipped with hot spring swimming pool, restaurant, children ground, bungalows, and other facilities.



In gambung, there are a Tea and Quinine Research Centre with mild beautiful panorama.







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